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These courses are designed to help you get not only grow a large following and significantly increase your engagement, but also to empower you to be able to utilize Instagram to reach your target audience and monetize.

Hashtag Like a Pro  shows you how to effectively use hashtags to grow a targeted following. It takes you step by step in understanding how to curate hundreds of hashtags and use them effectively. 

Instagram Growth Hacking  is your total guide to MASTERING Instagram! You'll learn everything from how to optimize your bio,  creating the right content and amazing Stories to monetizing through Influencer campaigns and creating Instagram ads. This course literally leaves nothing out!!

Hashtag Like a Pro

How to Get Paying Customers With A Targeted Hashtag Strategy

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Hashtag Like a Pro

Here's What You'll Learn With Hashtag Like a Pro:

If you want to increase your engagement and grow a large following on Instagram that will convert to paying customers and clients, using a targeted hashtag strategy is essential.

  • How to Find Targeted Hashtags for Your Niche

  • The Easiest Way to Save Hashtag Groups

  • What is Shadowbanning and How to Avoid it

  • How to Use Hashtags in Stories

  • How to Add Hashtags in Your Captions

  • The Easiest Way to Insert Hashtags on Instagram EVER! Special Storage Hack- You will LOVE it!

  • Over 1,000 hand curated hashtags under Business and Entrepreneurship, Girlboss, Fashion, Food and Travel, Fitness, Nutrition, Real Estate, Home Decor and Design and Motivation and Inspiration

Instagram Growth Hacking

Your Guide to Mastering Instagram

This course is designed to teach you literally everything you need to know to grow a large and engaged targeted Instagram following, Learn how to start getting 1,000 plus followers each and every month!
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Instagram Growth Hacking

Here's What You'll Learn With Instagram Growth Hacking:

  • How to Optimize Your Bio

  • Tips and Tools for Photos and Videos

  • How to Increase Engagement

  • How to Turbocharge Your Following and Engagement With My Secret Sauce. Learn how to get over 1,000 new targeted followers every month!

  • How to Create Amazing Stories

  • How to Curate Targeted Hashtags

  • Influencer Marketing, Brand Outreach and Monetization

  • Bonus Video- How to Create an Instagram Ad

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Hashtag Like a Pro- How to Get Paying Customers With a Targeted Hashtag Strategy and Instagram Growth Hacking- Your Guide to Mastering Instagram both have a 30 day money back guarantee!! Complete either course and within 30 days of purchase, if you don't feel this is for you, I'll refund your money with no questions asked!!